Life From My Point Of View At 25-Year-Old

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By the age of 25, everyone has their own opinion, at this age, we know what’s wrong or right, good or bad. I’m not a great knowledge guy or discuss what happening out there. Whatever written on my blog is my opinion from my own life. For many years later, when I look back on this 25-year-old status, I will see how I grew up.


When I was little boy I think my country is beautiful.
When I started school, I get great things from subjects
When I grew up, I saw things that were not great as the school.
Every day, I receive many information or news that specialize in politics, society, good things are less but bad things are much. Even though we know a lot of negative things, we have to keep up with the hope of a good social.

                    LEARNING – CAREER

I interested in science and engineering, clearly things. But my level is poor so I can not mention about a great thing. I just want to study the great knowledge and contribute to engineering/science, hoping a bright future for my life and my family, then if I have little success, I’ll help other young people to strive.
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                    EMBARK ON THE LIFE

If you are not a really excellent person who is so strong in their life, then leave your safe zone, please! Go outside and explore many things out there. Undergo and you’ll get your lesson to be better. I’m not sure you’ll be successful or not, but at least you’ll grow up.
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Updating …


The older I am, the more interested in travel I am. I don’t have any bad habits such as alcohol, cigarettes, gambling. I just interested in adventure and I like to wander alone.
Well, just keep on ignoring things out there, learning and working are not really fun.
This blog will be my open diary – where I will share my life’s point of view, my journeys, things that I am interested in. In the future, I ‘ll collect them and get my own life book. It has the most beautiful journey in my youth.
My idea of traveling through the ages:
– [- 18 years old] Highschool: Focus on studying.
– [18-23 years old] University: Travel with friends but still keep to study well
– [23-24 years old] Graduation: Explosion, crazy, do whatever I want.
– [25+ years old] Graduate shool: Growth, still interest in travel but live with responsibly 😀
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Previously, I restricted sharing of my personal information on social networks, I always thought there is someone is tracking and collecting my information.
No matter fields what you know about me: academic, work, traveling or family, you can not know all about me, there are hidden views you never see.
Mạng xã hội – thông tin cá nhân    

                  FAMILY – FRIEND

Last weeks in Vietnam    


                  MY FAVORITE QUOTES:

Heaven creates only rabbits and deer, hell creates the powerful warriors.
What does not kill me makes me stronger.
The only dream is not enough, you have to be ambitious, add a bit of machination.
To live simply, think complexly, do anything deep
Doing easy thing, you will never grow up

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There are many stories about life, people, the past, and future. If there is more time, I’ll write more.
Thanks for watching!

Daring-Long, Seoul, 2017-May-03, 11h19 p.m


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