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After the first few trips, I found when I was on the journey I was ready to change my plans to do what I liked, to go where I wanted. Now, I know who am I, what kind of people I am. It includes six main criteria below:

1. Adventure:

The greatest factor in the trip is embarking on new lands, try somethings new and wander around the world to explore.

2. Daring:

There must be no risk no fun, I like to leave the safe area to reach the feeling of excitement when dangerously close, even if it’s near the death. The amateurs do the professional’s job.

3. Culture:

I like to travel alone, by the means of asking the local residents for stay at their home in a few days, you can get a lot of experience about local culture.

4. Relationships:

I prefer to travel alone, but it doesn’t mean I’m not ready to travel with someone else. Making friend, talking and exchange information and help together. That is the wonderful things you can get.

5. Professional:

Using some things that are not specialized equipment does not mean you’re not prepared well. Use the cheap equipment but useful, collect information and improve your skill well before the trip.

6. Efforts:

It always comes with any trouble in my trips, but the more trouble you get, the more effort you give. They’ll make you be stronger.

Each person has their own purpose, for entertainment, for passion, for challenging themselves and some for help the less fortunate kids. For whatever reason, professional or amateur, male or female, strong or weak, just do whatever you want and then, spend a moment to look back after each trip, you’ll learn many things. You can make mistake, you can fail but whatever happened, you did your best and that makes your memories.

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My Adventure Story

Daring-Long, Seoul, 2017-Apr-08, 00h45 a.m


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