What do you think whenever you run into trouble?

        I’m a person don’t care about the present, I just care about my past and my future. That’s why I always look like a miserable guy. Today, I don’t know what I’m doing, today, I can eat instance noodle for surviving and plan some crazy ideas in my head.

        Whenever I feel like I wanna give up, I think about my past, about the troubles I passed and the ways I got over them. Then, I think about my future, I can image the feeling of the winner, it’s so wonderful.
“Who was I, I got over many trouble in the past, so how can this problem scare me? I’ll never give up, I’ll get up, then jump into the sky and fly, when I get wings, the wind keeps me fly higher and higher”

        Even though I know I’m not good, my difficulties are nothing compare to the great people out there who trying to be successful. But not so I forgot my past. It’s not a dream of victory, it’s a motive to get out of nervous, I do not see it as a paradise, the past is always hell, the hell make me stronger.

“The heaven creates only rabbits and deer, but the hell creates powerful warriors” (Source: Unknown)

         I’m not a smart guy as well as hard working, but I’m venture, always ready to embark on the new thing. If you’re not a talent person or a steadfast with your own target, let’s go out of your safe zone, there are may things to explore outside. I am not that you will be successful, but by the experiences, you’ll be braver, stronger.

Never to end suffering! (Long time no complaint)

Daring-Long, Seoul, 2017-Apr-08, 00h45 a.m

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