Great job – Tour guide (free-lance, since March-2016)


Many thanks to Onetrip – brothers, friends, travelers around the world!
I am an engineer, study and work in Ho Chi Minh City for 6 years, but I did not mind interesting things around me. I am a wild traveler, always try to embark on solo adventures, no team-group even do not care about my own safe.
Tour guide job – an opportunity to enrich my historical, cultural knowledge, show for international friends about people and life in Vietnam. And learn a lot of new thing from Onetrip and international traveler.
These valuable experiences will be a background for the next step of my goals.

Thanks all, keep these nice memories and see you somewhere in the world!


Details about this job on Onetrip website: Here #Ontripadventures

Long Liều Lĩnh, Seoul, 2017-Apr-08, 00h45 a.m


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