Adventure Sapa ▬ Fansipan ▬ Trip03 (Oct-2015)

3.3. Day 3: Camp 2800m – Tram Ton – Sapa

– At 5:30 am, I wake up, the fresh air but it was very cold, the sun poked up a bit. I went out to brush my teeth but it made my hands and foot been frozen. We ate breakfast and prepared to hit the road, left our backpacks in our room, just brought a bottle of water and a camera. Sin said only us there last night, so that morning only our team, did not worry about crowded.

– 6:30 a.m, Pho led a group of Vietnamese to go first, then Sin loaded a group of foreigners follows him. I wandered around there so I did not go with the group of Vietnamese, when I returned to the room, the group of Vietnamese had traveled for 15 minutes. I followed them, it took 10 minutes to find the right path, there were a lot of trail around the camp, I walked for a distance but could not find any footprint signs, so I came back to the camp. I saw a group of 4 foreigners was preparing for climbing. By asking, Sin showed me the way which the group of Vietnamese went. I followed his direction, for a while, I saw the group of foreigners was being behind me.

– I wanted to be the first one got to the top of the mountain on that morning so I ran quickly, tried to catch up the Vietnamese team before they got there. I had shortness of breath and heart palpitations after 20 minutes to catch up the Vietnamese team, finally, I met them, I went slowly, tried to be well again. Walking along with Vietnamese team for 5 minutes, I heard a sound of the foreigner team behind me. The trails were easy to go and there were 2 Hanoi brothers accompanied with 2 girls, so I went quickly, quickly by quickly, and then disappeared. For a while, I heard a howling of someone, I howled back and then ran forward, I ran for more than 20 minutes, then I felt my ears be hot.

Trời vẫn mưa lắc rắc, càng lên cao mây mù càng nhiều, chẳng ngắm cảnh được gì hết

Still raining sprinkle, as high up as much haze, such views are nothing – Adventure Sa Pa

-I spent 1 minute to sit down for a break, but not long after that, I saw Niclas was coming, I asked him for the rest of people, he said they were taking a short break. I came back to my road, he after me. Passing for a head distance over, we met a trail going down, we thought maybe we were in wrong way because it could not be going down when you want to go on top of the mountain, so we went back. Then we met Sin, he said that was the right way, so we had to come back again. It wasted more than 20 minutes to move. At that time, Niclas decided to wait for his girlfriend. He said: “She will be mad if I continue to go without her”, yeah, that was good, I felt happy because I could be the first one get on top Mountain (It was childishness). I continued to run, then rest, then ran through the area of bamboo.
– On higher, I saw no big trees anymore, at that time I noticed a lot of footprints, many traces canvas, maybe there was someone was there last night. I went a bit further, I saw a group of workers who were working, so the footprints that I had met was theirs. I said hello to them, they replied and told me should be careful on my way because there was a construction which was building ahead. I kept going on my way, there were a lot of dangerous signs there. It was a slings construction which was building there, so you have to go carefully. If not you can get danger. I went for ahead, then one of the workers prevented me from continuing, he said: “You have to wait for moving of materials done, then you can keep going in on your way”. I thought it was unnecessary, cause the materials was far away from there, I would get the other side of the road before they arrived, but rule is rule, I waited. From there, I saw it so high and dangerous, if there was a stone which falls down, it could destroy everything in a flash. There was nothing to prevent it. I said goodbye to them, then kept going in on my way.
– One minute later, I saw some flags of Vietnam which were held on top of rocks to show that is Camp 3143m. It meant I was on top of Fansipan peak, oh dear, I got it. There was all-haze. I shouted out, laugh by myself cause I was happy, finally, I was on top first and alone. Promptly, I took a lot of pictures for memory.

– At 7: 47 am, I saw the team of foreigners. At 8:15 am, the team of Vietnamese got there. We took some pictures of us together. We were happy because everyone got there without any troublesome. We took a break before went back. It was so cold there.

Lên đỉnh một mình trong ngày

I shouted out, laugh by myself cause I was happy, finally I was on top first and alone – Adventure Sa Pa

Khá vất vả mới chụp được mấy bức hình bằng timer 10s, mãi mới có 1 bức hình ổn

I took a lot of pictures by using 10s timer mode for memory – Adventure Sa Pa

Nhóm 4 bạn Tây lên sau tôi 10 phút

4 foreigners after me 10 minutes – Adventure Sa Pa

Nhóm VN lên sau khoảng 40 phút

Remaining people after me 40 minutes – Adventure Sa Pa

– Way down, I talk to some worker who was building the cable cabin systems. I asked them about the birds that I saw on the way up, he just laugh, there were no need to hunt the bird, always cold up there, so the birds do not go out to eat, workers just turn light on in evening, the kind of butterflies, beetles, termites will come to light and the birds come to eat, then reached out taking away, a lamp for night are ten birds, mountain birds such as everyday dishes, while cold weather the water freezes, many dead birds.
– I met an architecture supervisor more than 50 years old, and one young man, the other uncle tells a more interesting story about the construction of the cable car, I just remember one of the details.
** Originally built cable car to being very hard, workers have to use human force to carry the steel structure up, and then assembled into the cable carrier, then shipping the larger materials, gradually building up, now engineers can go up by cable car. Monthly salary of people working here as well slings around 10-20 million VND, for engineers more than 20 million. The recruitment here is also very interesting, specific attention is asked to know: one day this guy is going wandering drunk alcohol in the street when someone called to work on a monthly salary of 10 million including eating, working on the mountain. That workers even did not know how to write and read. Sometimes the cold season here snow, ice, the food was not cooked anything.

Đường xuống cũng không được ngắm cảnh núi rừng vì mây mù

Way down still was cover by the haze – Adventure Sa Pa

– At 9:30, we were on Camp 2800mm, we took a break, gathered around the fireplace, we gave the email address to each other to send the pictures which we had taken.

Đoàn chúng tôi tại trạm nghỉ 2800m

Our group in the Camp 2800m – Adventure Sa Pa

– Trên đường xuống tôi tranh thủ hỏi anh Phò về các loài cây rừng, lá, quả có thể ăn được, có nhều vây anh này không biết, vì chúng chỉ mọc ở độ cao này. Tôi hỏi về hoa Đỗ Quyên, và nhiều hoa khác quên tên hết rồi. Hai bạn nữ hỏi về hoa màu vàng, anh Phò không biết tên tiếng Kinh của hoa này (hoa Bằng Tu Tu Lú – tiếng H’Mông).

Hoa Bằng Tu Tu Lú, bên cạnh là bình lọc nước cấp tốc của tôi

Hoa Bằng Tu Tu Lú, bên cạnh là bình lọc nước cấp tốc của tôi – Adventure Sa Pa

– We sat near by Mr. Pho to ask him about his family, about Love Market, his replies were super fun:
** Mày cứ ra chợ thấy con nào đẹp là kéo về nhà làm vợ, trong vòng 15 bước chận mà nó chịu theo mày thì mày được mang nó về nhà 3 ngày, nếu sau 3 ngày mà nó chịu ở lại thì mày chuẩn bị trâu, heo, gà mang qua nhà nó.
– Tôi thấy có nhiều điểm không hợp lý nên truy hỏi tiếp:
** Ông mang nó về nhà nhốt lại, rồi ngủ với nó thì nó còn đi đâu được nữa.
– Anh Phò có vẻ giận dữ kêu:
** Bọn tao không giống người kinh bọn mày đâu, bắt về nhà là “ủn ủn” luôn, bọn tao bắt về 3 ngày cho nó ở cùng chị em gái, hoặc mẹ tao chứ không được ngủ với nó.
– Cả đoàn được trận cười hả hê, tôi hơi lầy truy hỏi tiếp:
** Xuống núi rồi ngày mai đi chợ tình bắt vợ, làm sao biết ai chưa có chồng mà bắt, lỡ bắt chúng người có chồng rồi có phải ăn đòn không.
– Anh Phò trả lời:
** Mày phải có trai bản dẫn đi, mày là người nơi khác, mày mà kéo đứa con gái của trai bản, nó chém mày.
Có một số chi tiết không tiện nói, có vẻ ý anh Phò là người đồng bằng dẻo miệng thường lên bản dụ gái bản gây hậu quả nghiêm trọng rồi lặn luôn, nên trai bản không ưa. 🙂

Chụp hình cùng 2 bạn nữ

Shooting with 2 girls, good friends until now – Adventure Sa Pa

Cảnh quan lúc xuống núi khá đẹp, cơn mưa đã qua, ít mây mì hơn, ở một đoạn thung lũng, chúng tôi được chứng kiến cảnh mây vờn núi, thật đẹp

Cloud flow was moving through the valley- Adventure Sa Pa

Đi qua 1 đoạn vách đá nhỏ, có 1 hình thù bầu ngực của chị em phụ nữ được khắc trên cậy, tôi khoái trí sờ xoa bóp đủ kiểu, 2 tay người H'Mông cũng phải bật cười

A breast shapes of women carved on tree, I touched, massage , everyone laugh – Adventure Sa Pa

Đeo thử gùi của 1 poster nữ, khoảng 25Kg, thật là ngưỡng mộ.

At Camp 2200m. Try wearing a pack of female poster, about 25Kg, it is admirable. – Adventure Sa Pa

Trạm nghỉ 2200, chúng tôi nghỉ ngơi một lúc, có gặp một cô đang ngồi thêu gì đó, chúng tôi bu lại hỏi chuyện (quên hết thông tin rồi )

A female H’Mong, she embroider whenever she have free time – Adventure Sa Pa

–  On the way back, it stopped rain, broader vision, I had the opportunity to further analysis of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, concluded that “daring certainly die in this place”, the first daring trip Trip_01 is climbing Ba Den Mountain, from foot straight line to the top, by using compass and terrain map, also quite sinister (daring level 6/10) but there were single mountain, 1 peak above, foothills is plain. Hoang Lien Son mountain range consider each factor as inclement weather, wooded, poisonous snake types, complex terrain, despite the bravery to go alone without trails, would take months to reach, not to mention survival. But given the trail from the Tram Ton tour as I bought the danger level 1/10.

Gốc cây cổ thụ bị bật lên

The tree was switched on, the roots of tree like a wall – Adventure Sa Pa

Về lại Trạm Tôn

At 16:10 pm, we got back to Tram Ton – Adventure Sa Pa

Tôi cùng anh Phò

Me and Mr. Pho – poster – Adventure Sa Pa

– Back to Sa Pa, I led 2 Vietnamese girls to the motel, after had taken a shower, we went out for dinner.

Quảng trường trung tâm về đêm

Center square at night – Adventure Sa Pa

Style dạo phố dưới thời tiết lanh, hết đồ mặc nên ...

Walking style under cold weather … – Adventure Sa Pa

– On the way to go back to motel, we saw a tea shop with many amazing plants, we stopped to look closer, we saw the shop owner was cleaning up, for a while, I did not know how did 2 girls make friend with him, I just saw he brought tea to chat with them and me. That tea shop had many exotic flowers such as bell peppers, red banana flowers, and so on but now I forget at all.
– We drank tea and asked him about Sa Pa traveling. He suggested us should buy a tourist map, then he would show us someplace to go tomorrow. Instead of going to Ta Van village like many others, we should go toward Rock Cave, Sa Pa, and detour back. Forward to O Quy Ho Pass, go over the top of the hills and see panoramic Mountains.
– I asked him about troublesome which we can get during the journey without any help like highwayman, accident. He did not answer me and asked me “Are you scare it? If that, you should stay at home”. Then he explained some sentences which until now I understand, you know when you had many travel experiences, there are not much danger on your journey like the way you thought, but it not means you will stay at home when you see some troublesome maybe you can get on your way.
– For cases of danger of being attacked (robbed or beaten), has been hit or not, safe or not, it depends on you behave. This part, I had some experiences and I will explain in detail later.
– We tried to remember the travel schedule, paid the bill, then returned our rooms, flipped the map to look up the ways to go for tomorrow. At that time when saw the map, we could not remember much information that he told, until several days later, when I separated myself to go, I recovered my ability to analyze his direction, it is true that I got trouble when I go along with the girls

Tại quán trà thảo mộc

At plant tea shop – Adventure Sa Pa

Chủ quán trà, không biết nên mô tả như thế nào, . Cũng từ vị này mà chúng tôi có một chuyến phiêu lưu Sa Pa

Owner of tea shop, thank to him, we discorvered Sa Pa in next day – Adventure Sa Pa

Bàn kế hoạch cho ngày hôm sau

Making schedule for tomorrow – Adventure Sa Pa

Một vài địa điểm: (1) Sa Pa Church, Centre Square; (2) Dorm Room; (3) Sa Pa Market; (`4) Chỗ ăn trưa ngày 1; (5) Khu thung lũng Mường Hoa; (6) Quán trà thảo mộc kì lạ; (7) Quán cơm trưa địa phương

Some places: (1) Sa Pa Church, Centre Square; (2) Dorm Room; (3) Sa Pa Market; (4) Lunch; (5) Muong Hoa Valley; (6) Plant tea shop; (7) Local lunch-Good – Adventure Sa Pa

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