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3.2 Day 2: Sapa – Tram Ton – Camp 2800m 2800m

– 5: 00 a.m, I woke up. I pulled out supplies to self-cook breakfast, I used dry dunes to cook breakfast. I had noodle and sausage. It took a long time to cook but I had nothing for my breakfast after all, so in the end, I decided to go out for breakfast. I gave up. I came back the restaurant where I went yesterday.

– I returned Dorm to take away backpacks, then I went to travel agency. When I was there, the tour guide had been and was prepared for everything. I said hello, shaking hands and left my backpack there, then went to the park.
In the park, I met two girls and helped them take photos. By means of talking, I knew they come from Ho Chi Minh City too, they have just arrived in Sa Pa this morning and also trek Fansipan peak this morning, so we were in the same group.

Walking Sa Pa in early morning

Walking Sa Pa in early morning – Adventure Sa Pa

Sáng sớm tình cờ gặp 2 bạn nữ ở Sa Pa cũng ở SG, chụp hình chung. Trùng hợp là sau đó chung đoàn hiking Fansipan 2 ngày. Rồi 3 chúng tôi cùng nhau đi tới Hà Giang gần 1 tuần! Awesome friends!

I did not think we will be in the same group and moreover, I did not think that we will go along for more next 10 days go to Ha Giang! Awesome friends! – Adventure Sa Pa

We got to the convergent spot, our team had 7 people: me and 2 girls, two guys from Australia, a couple from New Zealand, in addition, we had Sin – the tour guide and Pho Poster. Personal items were given to each person in the team includes 2 plastic raincoat, 5 bottles of pure water, 2 toilet papers. And the remaining things like rice and chicken brought by Mr. Pho – Poster.

– About 8:30 am, we completed the distribution of belongings, then we got on the bus to go to Tram Ton. Along the way, I asked Sin and driver a lot of things like can we drink water from stream or river here? Is there any plant which can make we be poisoned if we eat or use it? Or is there any danger that we should watch out? The driver had been in the army so he knew what I was asking. He gave every answer which I want to know and a lot of things about Hoang Lien Son Mountains.
– About 9:00 am we got to Tram Ton, it was raining, we finished some procedures and then wore the raincoat, at that time, there were 2 visitors from Hanoi 2 rented 1 guide. We both came from the same beginning. I went straight ahead because the trail was available. For a while, I could not see where Sin was, so I called him to lead.
– Four foreigners went quite quickly with long strides, no panting, but 2 Vietnamese girls did not. I saw they were getting tired, maybe they have not done physical activity for a long time, they also stuffed cotton in their ears cause they afraid that when they are on high, the air pressure will changes. It looked so fun, I thought it does not useful at all except preventing of their listening. They held plastic bags for 2 bottles of mineral water, although not serious, when you go hiking, you need your hands-free to grasp. In terms of energy, holding a bag while walking will cost your energy. I went backward to them, walked and talked along. I did not want they get lost. I often had to ask Sin for break cause I afraid their low blood pressure, it bothered the whole convoy.

Trang bị cho mỗi người:

Personal items were given to each person in the team includes 2 plastic raincoat, 5 bottle of pure water, 2 toilet papers – Adventure Sa Pa

Cả đoàn di chuyển trong thời tiết mưa

Getting started under light rain – Adventure Sa Pa

Thánh này leo núi 3000m cũng lấy bông bịt tai sợ mất cân bằng áp suất (LOL)

This girl stuffed cotton in their ears cause they afraid that when they are on high, the air pressure will changes, LOL only 3000m – Adventure Sa Pa

– I noticed large trail, it has many alleys but they were cover by the trees. The trail had many clues to find, so it was not easy to get lost. Head up some steps, there was a large area of grass and shrubs, many high- singed stumps for a long time. I asked Sin what happened? He said in the past, the burnt forest, people effort to save the forest but it did not work, thanks to rain made fire out.

– According to the route, about 11:00 am we have to be at Camp 2200m. As you can see, it is clear that we had different health, I squabbled with Sin that he led him, 4 foreigners, to go first, me 2 girls and Pho would follow him. At 10: 50 am, we reached convergent spot 2200m, after 20 minutes 4 others did. There were few homes there. I left my backpack inside, and then I walked around it. I went into kitchen to see what they were cooking 😮
– At home, I saw nobody was dry. There were smokes from our bodies when our heat met the cold air. Then, Sin brought lunch to us, we had sticky rice, boiled eggs, chicken, rice balls and bananas. Everyone ate a little, this is the fast break station, so he did not cook soup but delivered meals that prepared from Sa Pa. The Australia people were so surprised because they could not do anything with the chicken, it too hard to eat, did I too

Style leo núi, đang ở khu vực từng bị cháy rừng năm xưa

The burnt forest is behind me – Adventure Sa Pa

Trạm nghỉ 2200m

Camp 2200m – Adventure Sa Pa

Bữa trưa có xôi, trứng gà luộc, gà kho, cơm nắm và chuối

We had sticky rice, boiled eggs, chicken, rice balls and bananas – Adventure Sa Pa

Bên ngoài có một cô ngồi nấu gì đó, chúng tôi vào trò chuyện ngồi gần bếp lửa cho ấm

After lunch, I went to a small shack, sat nearly the fire place for warmth, 2 females Vietnamese and Hmong girl also sat there – Adventure Sa Pa

– At 12: 30 we came back to the journey, the afternoon target was getting Camp 2800mm before 16:00 pm. It still rain, as high up as much haze, so I could see nothing.

Bản đồ sơ lược đường lên Fansipan từ Trạm Tôn

Brief map hiking trail from Tram Ton to Fansipan peak – Adventure Sa Pa

– Afternoon I had a chance to talk more with 2 Vietnamese girls. They were 2 cousins, same age with me, the original in Hue, were learning and working in SG, and about 2 Vietnamese men were brothers in law.
– Afternoon I had a chance to talk more with 2 Vietnamese girls. They were 2 cousins, same age with me, the original in Hue, were learning and working in SG, and about 2 Vietnamese men were brothers in law.

– At 15:10 pm we went camping 2800mm, after the foreigners about 20 minutes, so it means we did better than that morning and no later than planned. When everyone came there, they did not stay in rooms, they went to the fire place, took off their shoes, socks, jackets and hung out near the fire. I enlisted to walk around it, there were triangular tents were erected, as I approached, Sin came out. By asking I knew that was the accommodation for tour guide and postman when running out of the room, the guests could go out there to sleep. I said he should go to the living room to sleep but he refuse, he told me it was warmer than that. I did not believe in him, so I tried to stay in the tent for a while. It was true but there was a little bit smell.
– I returned to the kitchen with everyone, at that time everyone got a chance to talk to each other more. People talked happily, saw what Pho cook for dinner. Pho was not an out-going person, he said many words fun, kidding with him was the funniest thing.

Xuất phát từ trạm 2200m

Just start from Camp 2200m – Adventure Sa Pa


When everyone came there, they did not stay in rooms, they went to the fire place, took off their shoes, socks, jackets and hung out near the fire – Adventure Sa Pa

– At 17:00 pm, everyone was preparing for dinner, I cleaned counter in my room, turn on the light, everyone ate quickly before it got dark. Because 4 foreigners unfamiliar with Vietnamese food, especially local food, so they ate a little, I saw they brought out sandwiches to eat. Then everyone cleaned up and then returned to their room, it was quite dark.
– At this height it was colder, the rooms were empty at that time. The foreigners stayed in a room, 2 brothers stay in a room, me and 2 girls were in 1 room. I brought my insulated mat for the girls use, then, I climbed up the stairs, I saw a lot of insulated mats and sleeping bags, I took them down and distributed for everyone.

– After done that, I took a flashlight into the kitchen to meet Sin and Pho, they ate after the guests eaten. They were drinking wine, so they invited me to join with them, I just sat down but drank a little. We talked, I told them about my hometown story and then asked them about the Hoang Lien Son Mountain, Sin replied enthusiastically.

– Sin had been a “poster”. Because he went with many foreigners, he learned English to communicate and then he was a tour guide. His home in Ta Van Village, he got married and had two children, he invited me to his home after finishing the tour.

– Calling someone’s name when you are in depth jungle is a prohibition, if some mysterious voices call your name, don’t answer. Do not call each other names, cause some mysterious voices can know your name, in midnight, they will call “My dear, follow me, follow me” and you will follow them without your mind, then you can get lost or die. I’ve read some books say that in the jungle there are some animals live for long time and then they become a demon, often joke man, on the day they heard the human’s sound, then in midnight they imitate the sound and repeat it in a hauntingly weird way. I have heard many stories about going alone in midnight and be called name and follow the voices. Personally, I have never met, so I still don’t believe it, but I never mean ridicule it, you know, if I were in that case, I would be scared.

* Every mountain has a god guarding the mountain, when we go to a mountain, the mountain god is always following us, we should not do anything disrespectful to the mountains, the consequences will be catastrophic. When going into the mountains, should not shouting, calling names, loud laughing, spit, swearing, cursing. For H’Mong hunters, the communication methods when hunting, they move forward as a parallel team close to each other. H’Mong hunters communicate by using howls, do not call names, sometimes hitting the tree body by a wood stick as defined signals.

He said when he was a young man, he hunted in depth jungle, using crossbows or types of a hand-made rifle (detonators, TNT powder, metal ball bullets). Hunting for anything, do not eat immediately, invite the god of the mountain first, take 4 pieces and put them in 4 corners, left to the right, front to behind, then you can eat.

*** He talked about hunting, his group of 5-6 people went to the jungle, after finished dinner and everyone went back to their tent to take a rest until he went through a tent of a young man and did not see the young man. Everyone look for the young man around, hold the lights to find each other, did not call his name, everyone must face the dog barking “Woof Woof”, after few hours, they found him standing on the edge of the waterfall as a preparation to jump down, they asked him but he did not answer, then they quietly hugged him immediately, when he woke up he did not remember anything, what he said that a man called him “follow me, follow me”. After this event, the young man was no longer hunting or not allow to go to the jungle.

Tôi và anh Sin, chụp sáng hôm sau

Sin and me, taken a photo in the next morning – Adventure Sa Pa

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