Adventure Ha Giang ▬ Trip 04 Oct.2015

4.2 Day 2: Quan Ba – Yen Minh – Pho Bang – Đong Van Town

We woke up at 5:00 am, we moved and moved until we were hungry, we would stopped for breakfast.
We departed from Tam Son town, passed by Co Tien twin mountains without knowing. Then we got to the Yen Minh pine forest, we met a “Tam Giac Manh” flower garden.

The “Tam Gíac Mạnh” flower garden. It was near The Thong Yen Minh forest – adventure Ha Giang

We took photos – adventure Ha Giang

The Tam Giac Manh compass – adventure Ha Giang

Taking a photo, try to be professional LOL – adventure Ha Giang

There was only us in the morning – adventure Ha Giang

When we got to Yen Minh, we stopped for breakfast and oil.
Came back with our journey, we drove to Pho Bang. Driving for a distance, we met a T-junction, as the girls said the Pao’s house had made there, so we turned left, to see that.
On that way, we saw many caves, I really wanted to stop and then explore them. Finally, we met a big cave, it stayed about 100m from the road. We stopped and then went into the cave. It had a lot of bush on the path to go to there. It also had many ledge stones below, it was hard to go.

We locked the motorbikes and then moved into the cave. We’re excited – adventure Ha Giang

There was thick grass infront of the cave, so I went first to made a path – adventure Ha Giang

The deeper we moved, the thicker grass was. It was not easy to get closer the cave. We named it afte our name – adventure Ha Giang

We got to gate of the cave, but we could not find an entrance to go inside. We spread out to find the entrance. The gate of the cave is a big hole which was approximately 7m deep into from ground.

I threw a rock into that hole and listen to echo. The echo of stone resounded and continued falling deeper. I decided to go down. I threw a rope into a hole and asked them hold it but they didn’t. They tried to prevent me, but I did not care. I kept going on my work – adventure Ha Giang

I fixed the rope on a tree, left my backpack on the ground, I wrapped the rope around myself and went down. The girls were scared, tried to prevent me again. – adventure Ha Giang

About 2 meters of first, it was not difficult to climb down, but after that was so difficult. I tried to drop myself about 0.5 meters, turned on a flashlight to see the below. The nearest stone was 3 meters far away from me and at that time I almost ran out of rope. I analyzed and decided to come background.
* I found that I was so silly, how could I did that without any protective equipment*

Got to the ground, I cleaned up the rope. I looked around the cave. I went to right side where the girls were in before. There was one way to get down, but it were quite far. – adventure Ha Giang

I jumped quickly through large boulders, I got to a stone which was high about 2 meters, then the gate was in front of me – adventure Ha Giang

I ready to go, but the girls called me back. They were so serious and angry, I did not wanna make them go mad anymore, so I went back. I was unhappy cause I could not go into the cave and see what is inside.

The cave – adventure Ha Giang

On the ground, I told them that I was fine. We kept going on go to Pho Bang.

We went to Van Son, Van Nam, China border checkpoint – adventure Ha Giang

Ta Kha – Pho Bang – The other side is Van Son, Van Nam, China – adventure Ha Giang

There was a barrier to prevent us. By asking some soliders, we knew if we wanna go continually, we must have passports.
– adventure Ha Giang

We came back to the 4C road, the part near T-junction, then the girls’ motorbike broken. There was a nail pinned in their motorbike’s wheel. We walked and asked some resident for a motorbike garage. Follow the direction, finally, we got one, it has stayed about 1 km from the T-junction. We called to the motorbike jobber to let the fixer know how to remove the wheel. ( Oops, I thought he a good fixer ). The fixer was a Chinese, but he lived there for a long tim so he could speak Vietnamese, Lo Lo and H’ Mong language. We talked to him while waiting for his repairing.

You have to replace your motorbike’s wheels if they got problem here – adventure Ha Giang

You shoud hire popular motorbike like Honda – adventure Ha Giang

After everything was fine again, we kept going on our journey. We went to Dong Van. There were many stones and rocks there. You can see them anywhere. We climbed for a big stone, stood on it and looked around. That was a beautiful view.

Taking photos – adventure Ha Giang

There were many rocks here – adventure Ha Giang

The girls sang some songs, it was fun. I don’t know how the people can plant some plants like corn, black bean and so forth. I saw a valley behind the stone, so I went down.

The girls sang a song – adventure Ha Giang

We went to forward, there a lot of backpackers who wore T-shirts, shorts, and sunglasses there. Someday in future, I will be like them.
We visited Meo King’s Palace, Nha Vuong palace. It was so crowed, so we decided to come back to Dong Van town and then having lunch.

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