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  • The adventures: my own journey diary
  • Reader’s sharing: Sharing contribution from readers
  • Experience – Discussion: Skills, equipment, destinations, …
  • My Story: Adventure Style, Other Perspectives from Life


1. This blog share bout my trips, what happened and my experience. Not like a fiction, it’s no service for any group or organization.
2. In the article, I use the real names, pictures of people I met, most of them I asked for permission before posting.
3. The images are mostly taken by myself by phone or digital camera. Some images taken from other sources have a clear origin.4. The reader can share these stories comfortably (remember the source code is daringsolotrip.com).
5. Readers can comment, discuss freely on my blog, can also share your own story over here.
6. We do not discuss politics or religion here.

 For people who are:

– Planning for an adventure, need to extract information from my itinerary.
– Are interested in this combination adventure travel, want to find a value for their own trip, want to embark on the adventures.
– The travelers would like to share – discuss the destinations, traveling activities, etc.
– My acquaintances are curious about my bristly life more than a year after graduating from college.

This blog is still in the process of completion, mainly from the perspective of me, if there is a misinformation, please leave your comments to avoid systematic error.


I wish to encourage everyone can travel by their style and find out the adventures inside every person. Join me as I share adventure diaries, experiences, destinations and useful travel tips, skills, gears.

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Daring-Long, Seoul, 2017-May-06, 00h45 a.m


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